Business events in Berlin

Attending or organising an event or conference in Berlin? Add some fun and make sure your attendees see the sights by organising private tours with Original Berlin Walks.

From The Trade Show To Berlin

Add an authentic experience to your event or conference! With Original Berlin Walks it’s easy to organise a quick and in-depth trip around the centre town, or even multiple coaches for larger events

  • Minibus/Coach pickup and drop-off
  • 2-, 3-, and 4-hour tour routes to get the most out of Berlin
  • Multiple groups, tours, and languages available simultaneously
  • Customised tour routes to meet your needs
  • Day trips and early evening tours
  • Unbeatable experiences

We can provide tours in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and more just ask, and we’ll put together the perfect private tour experience for you.

Get more from Berlin with a local guide

Whether it’s a quick walk to see the Berlin Wall in between meetings, or a day trip out of the city at the weekend you can bet we’re excited to meet your needs and turn your event into a resounding success.

You can pick from our existing award-winning tours, or even have us put together a special tour just for your interests. Only got one hour to get from A to B and want to know what you’re missing along the way? Book a private tour with Original Berlin Walks! Want to make sure your attendees enjoy their stay in Berlin and soak up some culture? Get in touch now and we will organise a next level experience for you and your team.

Our most booked public tours

Discover Berlin

Our best-selling all-in-one experience!

World War II and the Third Reich

Berlin’s darkest history

Streetart in Berlin

The Berlin Street Art Tour

Discover weird and wonderful Berlin!

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