Craft Beer in Berlin

Discover the range of exciting and innovative craft beer breweries with a private walking tour from Original Berlin Walks. Get in touch with us today or book online and join your fellow hopheads on a beer tasting tour of Berlin.

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The Craft Beer & Breweries Berlin Tour is available on a private-only basis. Get in touch to book your perfect Berlin Beer experience!

Berlin’s best beer tasting tour

You can’t leave Germany without trying its world-famous beer. With so many options to choose from and so many places to go, it’s hard to know where to start. Well, we’re here to help!

On the Craft Beer tour your expert guide will teach you all about the brewing process, and take you to three of the most exciting bars serving locally brewed beers. We keep up with the scene and make sure that we go the best new bars for the freshest brews, meaning that this tour is different almost every time!

How it works

The beers are on you! At each location your guide will tell you about a whole host of different beers, from creamy stouts and tangy sours to hoppy IPAs and traditional pilsners, what you (responsibly) drink is up to you! Order a round of tasters, or get a sneaky one in before it’s time to move to the next place, you do you.

This is a beer tasting tour, not a pub crawl. To make sure everyone has a good time and learns something along the way our groups are limited to 15 participants. If you would like to book a larger group we’ll book you a second guide.

  • Snacks are available to purchase throughout the tour.
  • We reserve the right to eject anybody from the tour for drunkenness and/or poor behaviour.


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