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Berlin entdecken - Tour auf deutsch

Berlin entdecken - Tour auf deutsch
Get to know Berlin quickly without hurting your wallet!

Discover Berlin Express

Discover Berlin Express
Berlin kurz und kompakt - Sehen Sie das Wichtigste in 2 Stunden!

Berlin entdecken Express -Tour auf Deutsch

Berlin entdecken Express -Tour auf Deutsch
Where are the best artists leaving their mark? Find out on this tour!

The Berlin Street Art Tour

The Berlin Street Art Tour
Wo haben die besten Künstler Ihre Spuren hinterlassen? Finden Sie es heraus!

Berlin Street Art - Tour auf deutsch

Berlin Street Art - Tour auf deutsch
Hamburg’s best walking tour

Discover Hamburg

Discover Hamburg
Hamburgs beste Stadtführung!

Discover Hamburg-Tour auf deutsch

Discover Hamburg-Tour auf deutsch


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Original Berlin Walks breathed new life into the Berlin sightseeing scene with our pioneering historical walking tours in the early 1990s. As the city's longest-operating English language walking tour company, our experience is unmatched.  We know how to provide first class tours that are informative and entertaining, led by academically trained guides who know the city like the back of their hand and speak flawless English.  Join one of our regular tours or have us tailor a private tour to your specific wishes.  We know how to pitch Berlin's history and contemporary scene to every age and interest level!

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After finishing his studies in Art History, Wouter decided to see what life was like in one of Europe's most interesting and exciting contemporary creative cities: Berlin. He brought his passion for hard work to Original Berlin Walks, and learnt to lead lots of our in-depth tours. When you come to Berlin you'll see him all over town, showing guests the Brandenburg Gate on our Discover Berlin tour, reflecting on the deep impact of the Nazi party on our Hitler's Germany and Sachsenhausen … read more>>

Guests joining Tobi's tours will surely feel lucky when they hear the gripping, candid stories about his childhood growing up East Germany, learning how so many things were different in the former communist nation. … read more>>

A fluent speaker of four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese), Xavier shows Berlin to people from all over the world. You'll see him strolling along the Unter den Linden, walking alongside the Berlin Wall, and showing people jewel of Berlin, Museum Island, on our Discover Berlin tour. … read more>>

My birth certificate still comes with a hammer and compass on it, but the Wall fell when I was almost two years old and so I grew up in a city that was growing up itself. Berlin has always fascinated me, so becoming a tour guide was the obvious thing to do - I live Berlin and I'm very much looking forward to welcoming you here! … read more>>

I never thought of returning to Germany any time soon after leaving for university in England and Denmark, but perhaps it was just a matter of time. Having wider family relations here as well, I came to Berlin for its archives and libraries so that I could write up my PhD thesis in history. Of course, the city has more to offer than dusty books and documents! After successfully defending my thesis and a semester of teaching at the Free University, I decided to get some hands-on experience to … read more>>

Being bilingual and having been raised by a German mother and an American father, I am often asked which country - Germany or the United States - I call home. The short answer is both, although friends accuse me of picking one or the other on an ad hoc basis ("We Germans are very punctual," "You Germans have no sense of humor"). If it were only so easy! Should the duration of my university studies bea any indication, I am really very German. But then, living in a fascinating city like Berlin is … read more>>

I am originally from Long Island, but grew up around Raleigh, North Carolina. I completed my BA at East Carolina University in History and German Studies, while also studying in Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen from 2008-2009. After finishing an internship upon my arrival in Berlin in 2010, I began connecting my academic background to this wonderful city and have been giving tours ever since. In continuing my studies, I am studying my Masters in Global History with a focus on the … read more>>

Having grown up with a profound curiosity for what may lie beyond the borders of the United States, I made it my mission to go abroad once I finished my undergraduate degree. After an unsuccessful attempt to achieve this via the US Peacecorps program, I ended up studying for a Master's degree in the small German city of Erfurt, in a program that included around sixty students from over thirty different countries, which really was an idyllic setting for someone attempting to gain insight into the … read more>>

I graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in History and Literature in 2004 before returning to complete a Masters (M.Litt) in Modernities in 2006. During the later course, which was based in the English Literature Department, I was exposed to a wide variety of disciplines, from art history and architecture to sociology and theatre. My realisation that of all of the cities that I had visited up to that point, Berlin was the one that had the most dramatic relationship with all … read more>>

I first came to Berlin in 2010 on my way to somewhere else. My only expectation was to kill time for three or four days and then get out. Two months later I’d moved my life from England to the German Capital. I couldn’t - and still can’t - get enough of Berlin. It’s a place that I find fascinating not just for the effect it’s had on world history, but for the city it is in the 21st century, too. A place where people are so much more free to do what they want, and my job is to show … read more>>

I grew up in Dorset, which is very pretty but a little bit boring. After my studies, I lived in London and worked in universities. I first visited Berlin 10 years ago as an art student and have lived in Berlin on-and-off since 2009 (I also spent time in Estonia). My interest in Berlin's history started from watching the amazing scenes on the Berlin wall falling in 1989 as a child, and now enjoy continually learning about the different eras of Berlin's history. As well as the history, the … read more>>

I was Captain of the US Army and stationed in Germany from 1961 til 1964! I live in Berlin since 2000 and have been leading tours for Berlin Walks dealing with Hitler's Germany and the history of the Third Reich for over 15 years. … read more>>

I came to Berlin 3 years ago on a research trip to gather information for my PhD. I was only meant to stay for two months, but ended up moving my life over here. And thanks to the wonders of the internet, my university was ok with the move. The city has such an incredible cultural scene and a history that I simply couldn’t bring myself to leave. It really is unlike any other European capital. In fact, I sometimes think that it’s not a capital city at all, such is its atmosphere. … read more>>

I am originally from Merseyside, after studying History at the University of Liverpool, I went on to do a Masters degree in Gender History at the University of Edinburgh. After finishing studying I stayed in Edinburgh for three years working in a specialist ladies shoe and boot shop and am still able to measure a ladies calf on sight from up to ten paces away! I then went on to work in a Royal Scottish Palace. After a trip over to Berlin I was smitten with this vibrant and unique capital city … read more>>

I originally came to Berlin on a backpacking trip through Europe after finishing my BA. The plan was to stay for the summer then go home and go study Law. Once the summer was over I found myself not wanting to leave because I had already fallen in love with the city. After spending several months learning German I decided to pursue my passion for History and apply for a Master’s at the Humboldt University which I’m currently in the middle of. … read more>>

I initially moved over to Berlin with the intension of only staying for a short period. I was hoping to learn some German, do a little bit of English teaching, and then make my way back to Scotland. But after only three months I had fallen in love with the city. I spent the next year teaching three and four year old German children how to talk (and sing!) in English, but upon realising I didn’t have the patience for such a job, I turned my attention to tour guiding. I’ve always been … read more>>

I grew up in Devon, but spent much of my twenties studying in Glasgow, which is a vibrant city with great nightlife, an interesting counterculture and a strong left-wing political tradition. Berlin is very similar in those respects, so I decided to move here in 2013 after completing my PhD. Initially I came to teach at the University of Potsdam, where I work as an adjunct lecturer, but I became so fascinated by Berlin's tumultuous history that I decided to work as a tour guide alongside my … read more>>

I moved to Berlin from rainy England four years ago much like any other expat does - with absolutely no plan whatsoever in a million years to stay longer than a couple of months. However, life and a deep love for the city got in the way of that and I find myself years later still here, and preaching on the lectern about Berlin in all its glory. At University I studied up until masters a degree in Ancient History, which naturally led me to tour guiding in modern history. I am also an avid Berlin … read more>>

I was born in Berlin two months before the fall of the Wall and I grew up here. However, after finishing school I decided to study Art history in Kiel, a small town in the north of Germany, which was fun, but also made me realize once more that I am a city boy. Thus I continued my studies here in Berlin. This city still manages to amaze me since you will never be able to know every corner. And though I love to travel, it´s always nice to return to this melting pot of cultures. I always found it … read more>>

My joy for tour guiding came out of being immersed in the Berliner life, with its daily chaos, its overwhelming cultural scene and its wild nightlife. It all came together after finishing my masters, as I realized the power of words, discourse and propaganda had deeply influenced the city’s past. … read more>>

I first visited Berlin in Summer 2014 as a tourist and fell in love right away. As I continued my travels, I always had Berlin on my mind until I moved here full time in Spring 2016 to learn the city, the language, and to explore family history. Working as a tour guide combines my love of history and politics with important and historical backdrops to share with travellers on our tours. … read more>>

Dave is passionate about history, and it really shows on his tours. If you want to book a private tour with Dave just get in touch with the Original Berlin Walks office, and we can organise a great walk through Berlin's historic centre, Mitte, or even an excursion to the memorial site of the former concentration camp, Sachsenhausen, just north of Berlin. … read more>>

I’m Georgia and I had German forced upon me in high school because Spanish and French were oversubscribed. And I’m glad they were! After six years studying the language (and a year teaching English in Thailand) I moved to Glasgow, where I got really into German literature and film in university. I first came to Berlin as a student for six weeks in 2008 and was totally overwhelmed by the rich cultural scene here, falling madly for the Hauptstadt. When I came back for another six months to … read more>>
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